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1 a reactionary politician in the United States (usually from the South)
2 whiskey distilled from a mash of corn and malt and rye and aged in charred oak barrels
3 a member of the European royal family that ruled France
4 a European royal line that ruled in France (from 1589-1793) and Spain and Naples and Sicily [syn: Bourbon dynasty]

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Bourbon, a county in US State of Kentucky.



  1. A whiskey distilled from a mixture of grains in which more than half is maize, aged in oak barrels. Made chiefly in the US.
  2. A serving of bourbon
  3. A Bourbon biscuit


A type of whiskey
  • Finnish: bourbon
A Bourbon biscuit

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Bourbon most commonly refers to bourbon whiskey, or to the Royal House of Bourbon (French), Borbón Borbone (Italian) or Borbó (Catalan), which provided ruling dynasties for the French monarchy.
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